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flying on a gooes's back to kebnekajse - Arctic to Antarctica via World
the road goes ever on and on, far from the door where it began...

billie posting in Arctic to Antarctica via World
who north_latitude (posted by billie_cameron)
when 2007-07-22 19:33
about flying on a gooes's back to kebnekajse
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moodin awe of all thisin awe of all this
musicthe blood of cu chulainn - mychael & jeff danna
tagsscandinavia 2007, stockholm
got up really early today (five), went to malmö c (short for malmö centralen, malmö central station) by bus and from there took the train to stockholm. i ate some kanelbulle for breakfast (a pastry with cinnamon and cardamom, very good and also typically swedish). the landscape we drove through was wonderful, as it always is here in sweden (at least i think so). we passed the vättern, the second largest lake in sweden and also home to the town of gränna (unfortunately on the other side), where they manufacture the best polkagris (candy canes and other things candy). in norrköping, i wanted to get off the train and go to the place we always stay at, a small house right next to the sea, with nobody around.

in stockholm, we wandered around in the old town, saw some great shops (an ice cream shop where they made their own waffles, for example, and a really cool viking one that had a viking cookbook) and had lunch on the quay. we got onto the train to boden at around five. the ride started pretty uneventful, until a girl sat down opposite of me - with the new potter in her hands. (i promised myself i would enjoy the last book and read it slowly, and i know i couldn't do that right now, apart from that, my baggage is heavy enough as it is, i don't need more to carry.) so there the book was, right in front of me, and taunted me with its secrets. but i proudly resisted and had some palahniuk instead.

i spent a lot of time staring out of the window and just looking at this country that makes me feel at home no matter where exactly i am. i kind of felt like nils holgersson at the beginning of his travels: first the patchwork of skåne's fields, then the hills and woods of middle sweden, then the archipelago off the coast, then the trollwoods of northern sweden. i stayed up until sunset, which turned out to be quite late; burning skies above endless woods. it was freakishly beautiful and breathtaking - almost like flying...
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