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farthest north i've ever been - Arctic to Antarctica via World
the road goes ever on and on, far from the door where it began...

billie posting in Arctic to Antarctica via World
who north_latitude (posted by billie_cameron)
when 2007-07-23 20:19
about farthest north i've ever been
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musicon the radio - regina spektor
tagskiruna, scandinavia 2007
on the train, i woke up and it was light outside. the kind of light that you get at seven or eight in the mornings (at least in austria). just when i wanted to tell alice we had missed our stop, the one where we should have changed trains at six or so, i had the great idea to check my watch. guess what? it was HALF PAST TWO. i thought my watch was dead until i realized how far up we really are and this was the closest i had ever been to the midnight sun. that was very cool.

i went to sleep again but woke up in time to enjoy half an hour or so of standing-by-the-open-window with the wind blowing in my face and unbelieveable scenery passing by. that's one of the reasons i like travelling by train, you get to see the country you're in. later, we even managed to switch trains without any trouble.

at half past eleven today we arrived in kiruna. hans, our couch-provider here, got us from the train station and brought us to the tourist information, where we planned stuff for the next couple of days. we wandered around in kiruna and went to see some local sights. all in all, kiruna is a nice small town with a flourishing iron ore mining industry and some terribly, awfully hideous buildings.

hans told us there are three weeks in winter when the sun doesn't come up at all and it practically stays dark all day. he also said for a lot of people, this is the cause for depressions and such. while wandering around town, we noticed most cars had extra front lights and found out they are necessary if you want to go on the open road, because there are no fences around here and reindeers and moose get on the road easily. crashes with them mostly end with a totally wrecked car.

we just had dinner and will probably be boring tonight and stay home.

more tomorrow!
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