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think warm - Arctic to Antarctica via World
the road goes ever on and on, far from the door where it began...

billie posting in Arctic to Antarctica via World
who north_latitude (posted by billie_cameron)
when 2007-07-24 22:23
about think warm
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tagsjukkasjärvi, kiruna, scandinavia 2007
in the morning, we took the bus to jukkasjärvi, where they build this ice hotel every winter and have ice exhibitions in giant freezers (they so are that, okay?) during the summer months. we arrived too early, so we went to take a look around. the village (and jukkasjärvi is really that) is small, like, couple of hundred inhabitants maybe, and there was virtually nothing going on. the sami museum was closed, so we looked from the outside; the reindeers in the sami park were not interesting enough to make us buy tickets, so we looked from the outside, as well. we visited the church (a wooden one and apparetly one of the first churches so far north) and found a beautiful photography exhibition with pictures of the arctic winter.

then it was finally late enough to get back to the ice exhibition, which has as its topic this year the swedish biologist carl linné ( it's his 300th anniversary or so) and his work. we spent over an hour in there with nice -5° C (that's 23° F, or 268.15 K, or -4° R, or 482.67° Ra, and omg, how much of a geek am i that i can still convert the units in my head a year after having to feed my brain with that particular bit of information?) and a guided tour as our companions. i was so preoccupied with staring and exploring that i didn't notice how cold it really was until we got out of the giant freezer and my toes and fingers started to wake up again. ouch. fortunately, there was a tipi with a campfire in it right next to the hall, so we had lunch there and warmed up a bit. (i noticed i'm starting to enjoy the canned tuna, seeing that i'm hungry all the time and that's one of the few things we have for food. heh.)

we took an evening walk in our neighborhood in kiruna (which means forests and hills), but after a couple of hours had to give up, because hives of mosquitoes were trying to eat us alive. when we got back, i was so damn cold i wished i had chosen someplace warmer for this trip (only - not really). i settled for a hot shower, a cuddle with my sleeping bag and some hot chocolate. mmmh.
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who (Anonymous)
when 2007-09-25 13:36 (UTC)
about postcard
Dear Billy:
It would be really great if you could send a postcard to:
North County Learning Center
Room #26
Eastern Suffolk BOCES
100 Suffolk Avenue
Stonybrook NY 11790

These special ed students are collecting postcards and marking the
locations on a huge world map, and I know a card from Antarctica would make their day!

Gail White
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