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nighttime in the city of malmö - Arctic to Antarctica via World
the road goes ever on and on, far from the door where it began...

billie posting in Arctic to Antarctica via World
who north_latitude (posted by billie_cameron)
when 2007-07-20 22:34
about nighttime in the city of malmö
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musiceight of nine - the ataris
tagsmalmö, scandinavia 2007
just a quick update, the last couple of days will be added as soon as i get the chance.

we arrived in malmö today in the morning (took the bus from copenhagen, an hour earlier than we actually planned to) and had breakfast at the joo's place (the joos are: aunt lilla, uncle jean and two cousins robin and gabriel). some of my family from hungary is also staying here at the moment, so the house is freaking full.

weather was awesome, so we went to the beach by bike. i showed alice around a bit (or at least as much as i could without getting off the bike). the water was great as well, balmy 18 or 19 degrees, even. i went for a long swim, read some, soaked up the sunshine... - the usual. heh. i so missed being here, i can't believe it... we had a tasty dinner, some kind of lasagna, and very yum homemade strawberry ice cream for dessert. ( i felt compelled to tell you this because i haven't had ice cream in ages and i dunno why. probably just didn't come to my mind - stupid me.)

sounds too perfect? well yeah, true. i broke my dad's camera while downloading pictures. the lcd-display was damaged an will be of no use anymore. i'm just glad he wasn't too angry about it.

so this was it for today. somewhat boring for you as reader, i guess. hope some more things happen tomorrow. (and i don't mean the bad but the exciting kind of things.)
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