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the one with the science - Arctic to Antarctica via World
the road goes ever on and on, far from the door where it began...

billie posting in Arctic to Antarctica via World
who north_latitude (posted by billie_cameron)
when 2007-07-21 00:23
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moodcold, but warm bed is waitingcold, but warm bed is waiting
musicclubbed to death (matrix soundtrack) - rob dougan
tagsmalmö, scandinavia 2007
well, apart from the fact that harry potter came out today (okay, yesterday, but still), there probably is no copy left anywhere in malmoe, and i know at least three certain somebodies (don't even pretend you don't know who you are) who have already finished it, other stuff happened in this world, as well.

for example, one of that stuff was that we visited the science and marine museum and malmoe's old fortress. we played like kids in the DIY experiment part of the science museum. they had a lot of really interesting stuff put up there, like information about and experiments involving gravitation and g-force, sound, electricity, whatever. i even listened to my heart, although it didn't quite work as it should have. or i'm dead. maybe i am.

we packed for tomorrow when we're gonna head for stockholm and then kiruna. there's gonna be a third night on the train (but hello?  we are interrailing, so no surprise there...) and a short stop in stockholm, also called venice of the north.

i just got my cousins from the bus station, they came back from hungary today. we had a nice reunion and should all head for bed now.
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